Why Won’t My Air Conditioner Stop Running?

If your air conditioner won’t stop running this spring in Asheville, NC, that means there’s something not quite right with your unit. It may not be serious, but if you want to avoid overly high energy bills, you’ll need to address it. Here are three possible reasons from Sheer Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning that your air conditioner won’t stop running.

Thermostat fan set to ON

If air never seems to stop blowing through your home’s air vents, check the thermostat fan setting. If it’s set to ON, the fan will keep turning even when there’s no cold air. This will blow warm air and cause your air conditioner to overwork itself to cool your home. Set your thermostat fan to AUTO this spring in Asheville.

Low air conditioner refrigerant in Asheville, NC

Air conditioners use a fluid called refrigerant to force warm air out of the home- this is what creates the cooling effect. When refrigerant levels are low, however, the air conditioner can’t function efficiently and will keep running. Unlike fuel, refrigerant isn’t consumed, so low refrigerant means you have a leak somewhere. Call Sheer Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning today to have your refrigerant leak fixed and your refrigerant recharged!

Holes in ductwork

Your ductwork will experience some wear and tear over time, and this can affect the AC unit’s operation. When holes and cracks allow the cool air to escape from the ductwork, less of it reaches your home’s interior, so the temperature never cools enough. This causes the air conditioner to run nonstop in order to try and reach the set temperature on your thermostat. If you have damaged ductwork, it’s time to schedule professional HVAC maintenance. Our HVAC experts will repair your ductwork and inspect your system to ensure there are no other potential issues for the future. Call or click today to schedule your spring tune-up with Sheer Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning!

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