DIY Summer Energy Savings Tips for Asheville, NC Residents

Summer is here and temperatures are quickly rising. Hot summers mean high energy bills. Follow these few tips to help save energy and money this summer.

Schedule a summer maintenance for your HVAC system

Call to have one of our professional technicians at Sheer Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning perform your summer maintenance and ensure that your air conditioner is working properly.

Turn your thermostat up in Fletcher, NC

Keep your thermostat at a comfortable temperature but not too cool. Try turning it up a couple degrees and see if your home is still comfortable. The harder your air conditioner works, the shorter its lifespan and the more you’ll pay on your next monthly bill.

Replace filters monthly

Clean filters help your air conditioner operate more efficiently and cut down on the amount of dust and pollen in your home.

Avoid heat-generating activities

During summer months, it’s best to avoid using the oven. Instead, use the stovetop, microwave, or grill. If you need to use the dryer or dishwasher, run them in the early mornings or overnight. Consider hand washing dishes and air drying your clothes during the hottest days.

Keep your blinds and curtains closed from direct light

If you’re away from the house, keep all your blinds and curtains closed. When you’re at home and want to use natural light to save energy, only open the blinds or curtains if that part of your home is not under direct light. Also, make sure you are using energy efficient lightbulbs.

Use a ceiling fan

Ceiling fans are a cost-effective way to cool you off. Because a ceiling fan doesn’t lower the temperature of the room, it’s best to turn it off when you leave a room.

Remember, an inefficient air conditioner means more money out of your pocket. Don’t forget to call Sheer Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule your summer maintenance today!