6 Reasons You Should Be Using Mini Splits in 2018 and 2019

Ductless HVAC is the ideal comfort solution for the savvy homeowner who wants to save energy while staying comfortable. Here are Sheer Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning’s six reasons why you should be using mini splits in Asheville, NC.

Mini splits reduce allergies

Mini splits are small, indoor heat pumps that provide efficient heating and cooling to any area of the home you choose. Because they operate without ductwork, they don’t deal with the dust and debris that plague central heating and cooling systems. That means less allergies this spring in your Asheville, NC, home.

Quick installation from Sheer Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning

Central HVAC systems are far more complex and time consuming to install than ductless HVAC. Mini splits come pre-assembled, so they’re quick and easy to install!

Lower maintenance costs with ductless HVAC

Traditional heating and cooling systems are prone to more wear and tear than individual mini splits are. A ductless HVAC system will typically require less repairs over time than a central system.

Energy savings in Asheville, NC

Ductwork will inevitably develop small cracks and holes, and these will leak out your A/C and heat, raising your energy costs. Mini splits don’t lose any efficiency through ductwork, so your energy bills will stay lower year round!

HVAC zoning for better comfort

Each mini split you install creates its own zone with unique temperature settings. And since you can install them virtually anywhere in your home, you can achieve ideal comfort for every member of the family! Zoned HVAC is the new standard in home comfort.

Reduce environmental impact

Efficient ductless HVAC uses less energy, resulting in lower heating and cooling bills. It also means you can keep your home comfortable with less environmental impact. Mini splits are a win-win for your wallet and the planet!

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