Seven Tips for Lower Energy Bills This Spring in Asheville, NC

Looking for ways to get lower energy bills this spring in Asheville, NC? Look no further. Here are seven simple tips from Sheer Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning that will reduce your energy costs while keeping you comfortable.

Lower energy bills with a programmable thermostat

If you don’t have a programmable thermostat yet, now is the time to upgrade. A programmable model will allow you to preset temperatures for different times in the day so your home is cooled only when it needs to be.

Turn up the thermostat in Asheville

Once you’ve got your new thermostat, turn it up! Of course, your comfort is the top priority, but see how high you can turn up the thermostat while staying comfortable. Each degree you increase will save you money this spring and summer.

Use mini splits

Mini splits, or ductless heat pumps, are highly efficient, easy to install, and provide lower energy bills. Also, they cut down on allergens that plague homes during spring.

Close window blinds

Natural sunlight will increase your home’s temperature in the daytime this spring. Close your blinds so your home stays cooler.

Fire up the grill

Once the weather warms, why not enjoy it while brushing up on your grill skills? Cooking indoors warms the home, causing your air conditioner to work harder. Try cooking out a few nights a week to save money this spring and summer in Asheville.

Change your air filters

No energy-saving list is complete without this essential tip. Simply put, your air conditioner will never run efficiently if your air filters are clogged or dirty. Change your filter once a month!

Spring HVAC maintenance from Sheer Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning

If you really want lower energy bills this spring and summer in Asheville, you need to have your HVAC equipment serviced. Call or click today to schedule your spring air conditioner maintenance with Sheer Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning!

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