Staying Comfortable With Rising Temperatures

A constant temperature, humidity and airflow are all key components of staying comfortable in your own home. An efficient HVAC system that has been well-maintained should easily accomplish all of these tasks throughout the Summer and rest of the year. If your units aren’t performing, consider following some of our tips from us at Sheer Comfort about controlling the temperature, humidity and airflow in your home.

Evening Temperatures Throughout Your Home

Some rooms can build up pockets of high or low temperatures in your home depending on how your hvac system is performing. We suggest not closing doors to rooms that are not used to prevent your hvac system from working harder. This allows the air to move more freely around your home.

Another issue with temperature inside your home could be that it fluctuates through the whole house from high to low. This is due to standard air conditioners only having the ability to be on high or off. These systems wait for the temperature to rise to a certain point then kick on to their full capacity to quickly lower the temperature to a low point. The house will then naturally warm without the air conditioner being on. Modern air conditioning has provided a solution to this problem- dual capacity and variable capacity motors in the AC unit. Two-stage capacity compressors have two settings to even out the temperature in your home. These systems typically run on low speed to create a longer run time to extract more moisture from your home and use less energy. A variable capacity system will fluctuate the power of the motor depending on the temperature at every moment, maintaining the most constant temperature. These systems also save a lot of money on monthly energy bills.

Lowering Humidity During Summer

The humidity levels in Asheville can get very high during Summer. This inevitably leads to our homes becoming more humid, causing undesirable temperatures throughout the space. To combat this, air conditioners are designed to dehumidify to help combat the issue, but a lot of homes in our area will need a dedicated dehumidifier to control the moisture in the air on the most humid days of the year.

Improving Air Flow

The proper circulation of air throughout your home does wonders for its comfort. By having proper air flow, the temperature can be controlled more efficiently and humid air can be removed easily. This also filters toxins and other chemicals out of the air by running it through your filters. The most common cause of bad air flow is dirty filters, so be sure to clean your filters and replace them when they get too old. Beyond that, contacting a professional HVAC contractor like Sheer Comfort is the best way to target problems in your ventilation and ductwork of your home.

By breaking down the problems most homeowners face when they are feeling uncomfortable, we can help find the solution to your comfort issues. Contact Sheer Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning for a complete home diagnostic of your HVAC system to improve your comfort and keep you there year round!