Helpful Spring Allergy Tips in Asheville

Spring is hitting us earlier than normal here in North Carolina. Temperatures getting up to the 70’s in early March has been a relief for the mountains. But as we all know, Spring brings allergy season – and with these warm temperatures, the trees may begin to pollinate earlier than normal. Weather reporters have predicted that the southeast region of the United States will be hit the hardest with pollen due to our mild winter temperatures and low precipitation. Other areas in the northern region won’t have it as rough since they had larger amounts of snow and rainfall to keep pollen levels down. It is important that you as a homeowner take precaution to make sure your home has clean air this Spring.


Helpful tips to keep your family allergy-free in Asheville!

  • Wash your bed sheets once a week in hot water
  • Vacuum twice a week
  • Wash rugs and carpets
  • Keep your windows closed more often
  • Change your air filters every month
  • Change clothes right after working outside
  • Stay indoors on windy days
  • Keep indoor air dry with a dehumidifier
  • Avoid letting your pets play around pollen

Preventative Maintenance Through Summer

Hopefully our tips for avoiding the Spring allergy season helps you and your family this year – we all follow these guidelines here at Sheer Comfort. The warm Spring weather brings a lot of benefits with it too, though. The temperatures outside are sitting at a desirable indoor temperature, so our HVAC units do not work nearly as hard as they do during Summer. This produces lower energy costs per month. To take advantage of this gap in weather between seasons, Sheer Comfort Heating & Air highly recommends preventative maintenance tune-ups on your >a href=””>air conditioning and ventilation system. This will help keep your home cool through the Summer and keep that dirty pollen out with improved ventilation! Call us today at (828) 357-7215 to learn more about what you can do for your home cooling system.