Screen an Outdoor Unit, with Space for Air Conditioning Repairs in Hendersonville, NC

There are decorative and creative ways to effectively conceal an outdoor AC condenser unit from view. However, it is important to keep enough space surrounding the system for optimal ventilation and easy access for air conditioning repairs and maintenance in Hendersonville, NC. There are many screen enclosure options available that come in panels so that you can select the number of panels you need to create the configuration that best suits your needs. Creating an L-shaped design, leaving one side open for a repair technician to access the unit, and the other open side faces your home is a popular choice. Or, create a U-shaped design, but make sure that one side is a gated opening, for air conditioning repairs and maintenance. Sheer Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning has some helpful tips for creating a landscaped or designed space around your Hendersonville AC outdoor condenser unit.

1. Air circulation must be sufficient for your air conditioning system to run efficiently.

There are beautiful trellises and ornamental shrubs that can make a wonderful display to keep the focal point away from a condenser unit. However, it is required to have at least 2 feet of clearance to the sides of the system and a few feet of clearance above the system, to maximize the ventilation the AC unit needs to run efficiently. Planting too close to the condenser unit can prevent your air conditioner from performing as it should, and may even cause it to over work.

2. Shade provides cost savings for outdoor air conditioning units in Hendersonville, NC.

Summers can get hot and dry in Hendersonville, NC, so it is nice to have a shaded area for your AC condenser unit. This will also help you to save money on energy bills, as your system will draw in the cooler air so it will not have to expend as much energy to produce a comfortably cool temperature to distribute indoors. Screened enclosures provide shade and adequate air flow to keep your AC system running smoothly.

3. Use easy to care for plants around your outdoor cooling unit.

Plants that require a lot of trimming, pruning and clean-up will make it more difficult to keep debris from falling or clogging your outdoor unit. Protect your system’s efficiency by planting non-invasive bushes and vines near your outside AC unit. It will be easier on your back and easier on your cooling system. Low maintenance plants will also reduce AC repairs in Hendersonville, NC. Plants that are extremely colorful with bright foliage can be used to take your focal point away from the outdoor unit’s area and guide your eyes toward a landscaping display of colors.

With a nice variety of creative options, you can add character to your home’s exterior by landscaping or adding decorative panels near your AC system. From easy to install screened enclosures, to beautiful flowers and shrubs, you can create an outdoor space that blends in well with the rest of your landscaping. This is the perfect time of year for landscaping your yard and for scheduling your annual maintenance on your air conditioning system. Get a complete check-up by a certified technician to make sure your system will run efficiently the entire summer season. Call Sheer Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning for repairs, maintenance and installations in Hendersonville, Asheville and Hendersonville at 828-651-8111