Prevent Emergency Heating Repair in Hendersonville, NC with HVAC Maintenance

School is in and fall is almost here. Before you know it the heating season will be upon us. Is your heater ready? The only way to be sure is to schedule a tune-up with a reliable HVAC company. Late summer or early fall is the best time to schedule maintenance for your heat. If you wait until the weather gets cold, HVAC companies will be busy helping those with emergency heating problems. Don’t let yourself fall into that group either. Sheer Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning provides heating repair in Hendersonville, NC and the surrounding area, as well as HVAC maintenance

Prevent Breakdowns in your HVAC System

Routine HVAC maintenance can prevent heating system breakdowns. There are various causes of heating system failure, most of which are addressed in a typical maintenance checklist. A certified technician should check to see that all mechanical moving parts are in good shape and well lubricated. An inspection and cleaning should be performed on both the indoor and outdoor unit. Dirty filters should be replaced with clean ones. If there are any broken or worn out parts, they should be replaced. With all of these checks and balances, nothing should be overlooked. Your heating system will be in tip top shape.

Prevent Electrical Problems and Energy Drainage in Your Heating System

One of the most important parts of an HVAC tune-up is the inspection and repair of the electrical components. All electrical wires should be checked for proper connection and voltage. Any electrical parts that are not wired properly or are drawing too much voltage can put your system at risk of a breakdown and put a severe drain on your energy bill. Wires that are weak or not properly connected are a safety risk. The electrical inspection also includes a thermostat check. A properly working thermostat is a key component to an efficient HVAC system. An efficient HVAC system running at optimal performance will save you money on your monthly energy bill as well as helping to avoid emergency repairs.

Now is the Time for Hendersonville HVAC Maintenance

Make sure your heating system is ready to go at the first sign of cold weather with a preseason tune-up from Sheer Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning. Sheer Comfort provides HVAC maintenance and heating repair in Hendersonville, NC. In the unfortunate event that you do find yourself in need of emergency heating repair, Sheer Comfort is ready to help with convenient hours to fit your busy schedule. Certified, experienced technicians will repair your heating system quickly and correctly. Contact Sheer Comfort at to schedule a repair or to sign up for a maintenance plan.

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