Asheville Heating Installation Considerations to Keep You Toasty This Winter

Winters can get very cold in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and having a great source of heat is vital to staying comfortable during cold nighttime temperatures. With an average of over nine inches of snow per year, there are special considerations for heating installations in this area. For example, since most nights are below freezing, locating the heat pump outside of the dripline of your home will prevent ice from falling on it, either of which could cause damage to the fan or motor and even reduce airflow.

Of course, if you are looking for a new heat pump installation in Asheville, then you should also consider buying an ENERGY STAR qualified heat pump to lower your energy costs. Remember when buying a heat pump, you want to make sure to look at the Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) as it is used to measure the heating efficiency of your unit. Since 2005, most heat pumps are required to have at least an HSPF of 7.7, the most efficient heat pumps will have an HSPF of ten.

Also, make sure it is sized correctly for your home. A unit that is too small means you won’t be toasty during those cold nights. A unit that is too big would cycle on and off too frequently causing unnecessary wear and tear on the unit. This is why having your home’s heating load measured is so important. The standard for measuring the heating load is the Manual J Calculation, which uses a lot of important factors to calculate the right heating unit size for your home, like square footage, insulation, and even how much shade your home gets.

After the heating installation, you will want to make sure annual maintenance is performed at least once a year. Plus, neglected heating units use on average ten to twenty-five percent more energy than heat pumps that are serviced annually. Most annual maintenance plans include inspecting the ductwork, filter, blower and indoor coils for dirt and other obstructions. The technician will also verify that you are getting adequate airflow, lubricate the motors and inspect the belts for tightness and wear. Identifying and replacing worn parts early prevents you from suffering through a frigid night.

You will also want to make sure to change the unit’s air filters as needed to prevent a decrease in airflow. While most manufacturers recommend every three months, it is a good idea to check them every month and, if dirty or clogged, change them. Dirty or clogged filters will cause a decrease in airflow and increase in demand on the unit. Periodically, inspect the area around your unit to remove any limbs or plants that could interfere with the unit’s operation.

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