Closing Heating Vents in Fletcher Does Not Increase Efficiency

Closing Heating Vents in Fletcher Does Not Increase Efficiency

 Do you feel like your furnace is heating more space than is needed because there may be some rooms in your home that are not being used frequently? It is tempting to close the vents in those rooms, because in theory it will allow your HVAC system to devote all of the energy to the other rooms. What actually happens is the opposite: your furnace works harder to equally distribute air to the rest of the house, using more energy than is usually needed. At Sheer Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning, we will help your home to be more energy efficient with an annual furnace checkup or HVAC repair in Fletcher. Our maintenance plans keep your heating system running efficiently, extending the life of the system. Why is it important to keep all of the heating vents open? Angie’s List explains:

“Because the rooms in your home have cold-air returns as well as heating vents, shutting the vents doesn’t prevent air movement. Just like closing doors to prevent air flow, it interferes with your home’s energy efficiency. It creates pressure in the closed-off room, which causes the return duct to pull in cold air from any cracks in windows or doors. In addition, the warm air still trying to push up through closed vents will start to leak out any ducts that aren’t sealed properly, or it will be forced back down into your basement or into floor cavities. So, you’ll still be paying energy costs for heat, just in places you can’t use.”

Make sure to use a reputable service company with trained technicians for all of your heating and air conditioning services. Read more about why it is necessary to contact an HVAC expert when reconfiguring the airflow in your home or business:

“If you still want to seal up a room that doesn’t need much heating, your best bet is to contact a professional HVAC installer. Closing off ducts and adjusting your furnace are tasks best left to trained experts. Also, alterations you make to your heating and air conditioning systems won’t be covered under any warranty and could permanently damage your furnace.”

Our qualified technicians work with you to discuss your heating and cooling needs in your home or business, providing excellent service and high standards of service. For new furnace installations, we look at the square footage of your home or business, the heating requirements, budget and energy efficiency needs to determine the best heating systems for your space. Newer systems save money on energy bills and produce healthy indoor air. Be comfortable and breathe easier this season by contacting Sheer Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning in Fletcher, NC at 828-651-8111.

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