Asheville Heating and Cooling Temperatures Affect Productivity

Your level of comfort may be different than the coworker next to you at the office. You may have 8 layers of clothing on, while the other person is wearing a spring outfit. Why the difference? Our bodies have varying levels of hot and cold comfort, depending on a variety of factors. This makes the business owner’s job trickier when deciding on a thermostat setting that will please most of the employees. If there is an ideal temperature for the office, it should be programmed into the thermostat for the working hours. At Sheer Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning, we assist residential and commercial customers with Asheville heating and cooling temperatures, to get just the right fit for their setting.

Office environments need to be comfortable in order for employees to be productive. Andrews Sykes Hire did a study, and the following statistics were discovered:

“…almost a third of employees lose productivity because they aren’t comfortable with the temperatures in their offices. The fact is, temperature affects people very differently thanks to a number of factors, including gender, clothing, and metabolic rate. And only 24% of survey-takers agreed that their office temperature was suitable for working through the entire year.”

Higher productivity with more comfort

If most of your employees are not comfortable the majority of the time, the productivity levels are lower than they could be in the office. Why is it that 80% of employees complain about the office temperature? Personal and environmental factors contribute to the variations, such as clothing and metabolic rate and personal factors. Employees can be warmer if they wear more clothing layers in the winter and exercise more frequently. As humidity changes and air velocity differs, the temperature in the air and the radiant temperature also affect your comfort level. On a sunny day, the humidity level indoors is higher, so the temperature feels warmer inside. After spending time in all of the various office and workspace locations, see if there is an area that is having uneven airflow or not enough circulation. If that is the case, please contact Sheer Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning, as we service the Fletcher, Hendersonville and Asheville areas for heating and cooling issues.

Commercial HVAC repairs and service

Your commercial HVAC system needs to be maintained regularly to keep the humidity and comfort levels even throughout the business days. Our qualified technician will perform a diagnostic evaluation and comprehensive inspection of your system to determine if there is a repair that will fix the problem. Your employee’s comfort will be greater, and productivity will be better once the temperature is ideal and the comfort level is back to normal. At Sheer Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning, maintenance programs will extend the life of your commercial heating and cooling system, enabling you to experience greater cost savings.

Want the best possible office environment for your employees? Find the optimal temperature for your office building, adjusting minimally if humidity levels or radiant temperatures make the indoor temperature less than perfect. At Sheer Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning, we will provide service, repairs, installations and maintenance for your commercial HVAC system: 828-357-7215.