Asheville Heating and Cooling Energy Savings Tips

With today’s sophisticated, programmable thermostats, you can program the right settings to get the most cost effective results for Fletcher heating and cooling. HVAC systems usually come with a programmable thermostat, and that little piece of equipment has powerful settings that will optimize the energy efficiency in your home. At Sheer Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning, we’ll step you through a few settings that will lead to better energy efficiency and lower utility bills:

  1. Decide which fan setting is the best for you to use – “Auto” or “On”.

The “Auto” setting is recommended for money savings, however the “On” setting can also be cost effective if you are setting your thermostat to a cooler temperature. “Auto” allows your fan to circulate the heated air only when needed, while “On” has a constant fan, even when the programmed temperature has been reached. If you need less air circulation because the additional warm air is too drying, then an “Auto” setting may be the best solution.

  1. Program your thermostat for your ideal temperature during the times when you are home.

When you are home and need a comfortable temperature indoors, set your thermostat for a consistent temperature that will be ideal for you and your family. Typically, this range is between 68-70 degrees. If the hours are usually between 8AM and 10PM that you are home, program those times in your thermostat to maintain that temperature.

  1. Schedule a new temperature that is a few degrees less for when you are sleeping.

Now that you have your main temperature programmed, select a temperature that is a few degrees cooler than normal for when you are sleeping, This range is usually around 60-66 degrees. Select the hours to have the thermostat run at this temperature, such as 10PM to 8AM. In Asheville, your heating and cooling utility bills will be reduced by simply turning down the thermostat a few degrees during your sleeping hours and staying warmer by using blankets and energy efficient curtains.

  1. Going on a trip? Pre-program your thermostat so you can save on energy bills.

If you have an upcoming vacation scheduled, it is highly recommended to program in a temperature that will not only keep the houseplants happy but also your kitchen, laundry room and bathroom pipes warm. The recommended temperature is so usually between 50-60 degrees. Program the dates of the trip, and then make sure your normal program begins again a few hours before you return from your trip, so you will not be chilled when you arrive home.

Energy Savings for your efficient Fletcher heating and cooling system

You can save additional energy and money by getting an annual maintenance check-up on your HVAC system by a professional technician. Sheer Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning provides comprehensive inspections and maintenance to extend the life of your system, which includes locating and sealing leaks for better insulation, and tightening connections for the best performance.

If you are in need of a replacement, the newer furnaces with high Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratings have the best energy efficient available today, leading to lower energy bills and optimal comfort. With your programmable thermostat settings, monthly air filter changes and routine maintenance, your HVAC system will provide you with clean, warm air plus cost savings. For more information on Asheville heating and cooling systems, or if you need to schedule an HVAC service, contact us at: 828-651-8111.