Air Conditioning

Should you Schedule an Air Conditioning Tune Up?

Importance of air conditioning maintenance

Maintaining your air conditioner is key to keeping it running properly and keeping your home cool. One important part of air conditioner maintenance is cleaning the filters. The filters keep the air coming into your home clean, and they should be cleaned at least every month. Another important part of air conditioner maintenance is cleaning the coils. The coils help to cool the air that comes into your home, and they should be cleaned at least once a year. If either of these tasks are neglected, your air conditioner may not run as efficiently as it should, and you may find yourself paying more for cooling costs.

Cleaning and changing the filters

Cleaning and changing your air conditioner filters is an important part of maintaining your system. Not only does it keep the system running more efficiently, it also helps to keep the air quality in your home high. Most filters should be replaced every three months, but some may need to be replaced more often, especially if you have pets or allergies.

To replace your air conditioner filter, start by removing it from the unit. Be sure to wear gloves so you don’t get dirt and dust on your hands. Check to make sure the air intake or filter is not damaged. Some air filters may also be in the air conditioning unit itself. This can also be done during a regular maintenance appointment by a licensed HVAC professional. 

Having your air filters changed regularly helps your air conditioning system run smoothly and prevents extra strain on the unit. Regular maintenance also helps prevent breakdowns and repair costs. If you notice that the air filter is dirty or damaged, it is important to replace the filter. 

Having your Air Conditioning System Cleaned

It is important to have your air conditioning unit cleaned on a regular basis. This will help to prevent dust build up and will allow you to find any problems before the system breaks. By having your air conditioning unit cleaned on a regular basis, you can also extend the life of the unit. Technician will go through a checklist in order to make find and prevent future problems of the unit. 

Preventative maintenance for your HVAC can help prevent more expensive repairs in the future. Dust build up, leaks, or worn parts can cause problems or extra strain on the system, so it’s important to find and fix any problems before they break the system. By scheduling regular preventative maintenance, you can ensure that your system is running smoothly and avoid any costly repairs.

Scheduling Early

Air conditioning maintenance is a key part of keeping your home comfortable all summer long. By scheduling air conditioning maintenance early, you can avoid the rush of people looking to get their units serviced in late summer. Air conditioning maintenance typically consists of a cleaning of the system to remove any dust or dirt that has built up over time. It also includes a check of the system to find any potential problems before they become bigger issues and break the unit. Preventative maintenance is always cheaper and easier than repairing a broken air conditioner.

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