Why should I purchase a Rheem High-Efficiency Air Conditioner or Heat Pump for my Asheville Home?

Purchasing a new air conditioner for your home is a BIG deal.  The average consumer only purchases a new HVAC system 2.5 times in their lifetime, so it’s in your best interest to make an informed decision.  Today’s high efficiency Rheem systems offer many benefits over older models from recent years.

Let’s learn the SEER basics first

Today’s new air conditioners and heat pumps have a minimum SEER efficiency of 14, which is extremely efficient compared to older 8 or 10 SEER systems.  So even if you buy an “entry level” system, it will be a big upgrade compared to what you may have now. As the efficiency level of Rheem A/C’s and heat pumps increases to 16, 17, and even 20 SEER, so do the features.  Let’s take a look at the features….

Better Comfort for Your Asheville, NC Home

As the efficiency increases, so does your comfort.  When we reach the 17 SEER platform, the RA17 air conditioner or RP17 heat pump has two stages of comfort.  Think about like this, it’s like gears in your car.  A single speed unit has one speed or gear, it’s either on or off.  These higher SEER units have a low speed and a high speed. Most days your home can be cooled with the low speed or lower capacity setting.  When the temperatures get hotter, the unit will shift to high speed or high gear, but the unit will typically run on the lower speed for the majority of the time.  This will create longer run times at low speed to produce more even temperatures and better humidity removal. Trust me, you’ll feel the comfort difference over a traditional single-stage on off unit.  Rheem also takes your comfort to a higher level on their 20 SEER platform. The model RA20 air conditioner and RP20 heat pump provide through variable capacity performance. This unit has the ultimate homeowner comfort in mind.  The unit matches its output to exactly what the homes needs, providing unmatched comfort.

Increased Efficiency equals Energy Savings in Fletcher, NC

As your air conditioner or heat pump’s efficiency or SEER rating increases, it uses less energy, so it will save you on your utility bills.  The two stage and variable speed units will operate at lower capacities which uses less electricity. The lower speeds have lower amp draw and run longer at these low speeds.  Everytime your condenser turns on, it uses a lot of electricity……think of the power meter dial spinning. So, actually the longer these units run at a lower speed the more the energy savings.

Other Benefits

Along with increased comfort and energy savings, you have other awesome benefits.

These units are extremely quiet, you may not even know the outdoor unit is running.

They may qualify for local utility incentives or rebates, and Rheem often offers special financing or rebates on these units.  These units also carry longer warranties than standard equipment. All these factors make it a win win for the consumer.

Sheer Comfort your Rheem Team Local Contractor

Your local Rheem Team contractor, Sheer Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning can help explain the features and benefits these higher SEER units.  They will be able to provide you top quality service and expertise with the backing of Rheem and their local distribution, Gemaire. For more information, please contact us at: (828) 561-8111