Why You Need an R-410A Air Conditioner

Do you know what kind of refrigerant your air conditioner uses? Depending on which type you use, your AC unit could be costing you more than it’s worth. Read on to see why you need an R-410A air conditioner.

R-22 refrigerant rising costs

Until recently, R-22 was the most common refrigerant for HVAC systems. However, we now know that R-22 depletes the ozone layer. Because of this, the production of all R-22 will be banned by the year 2020. Therefore, the price of R-22 will continue to increase while the supplies become harder and harder to find.

R-410A benefits for Asheville homeowners

R-410A is an environmentally friendly alternative to R-22 that contains none of the same ozone-depleting chemicals. In addition, it’s far more efficient, so your AC bills will be lower. Finally, R-410A is totally legal and abundant, so it’s not subject to the same price hikes as R-22.

Air conditioner replacement costs

Unfortunately, you can’t just begin using R-410A in your old air conditioner. This refrigerant requires compatible HVAC systems. However, the benefits of a new air conditioner far outweigh the costs of keeping your old one. R-22 is less efficient, so you’ll have higher energy bills and repair costs, along with more expensive refrigerant. An R-410A AC unit will save you money over the years while providing reliable comfort.

Sheer Comfort repairs refrigerant leaks

If you have a new air conditioner that’s low on refrigerant, you can get it recharged for a lower price than an R-22 unit. However, this also means that your system is leaking refrigerant somewhere. When this happens, call Sheer Comfort. We’ll repair your system and detect any other potential leaks or damage.

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